For The Love of Indie

For The Love of Indie

For the Love of Indie is your #1 podcast for creator owned, independent and small press comics! Delve into some titles you may know little about, discover some incredible creators, and find out about excellent titles heading your way! Additional info and show notes can be found at!

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    For the Love of Indie #85

    Jingle jingle... it's For the Love of Indie. Put an elf on a shelf, get a mug of toasty beverage, and get ready to be festive. Listen in to discover:

    The Vampire's Christmas The Gremlin Movie Incident The List

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #84

    The holidays approach! Distract yourself from the hustle and bustle with tales of Japanese ghosts, classic cartoons, transformative horror, AND a chat with Spike Trotman! Yes, quite a show. Listen in to discover:

    Off My Meds Onibi: Diary of a Yokai Ghost Hunter Beast Meat Iron Circus Comics Templar, Arizona Smut Peddler Liphook Livewire The Cabinet Flem

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #83

    The wind blows, the house creaks, your favorite podcast appears once again. Three words for you... wrestling, anxiety, and clones. Listen in to discover:

    (Be)Loved Glorious Wrestling Alliance Upgrade Soul Sweaty Palms Our Wretched Town Hall Parallel Lives Wizard Beach Self-Made

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #82

    The prodigal daughter returns! Julia once again takes her seat next to Drew and the duo discuss a great many tales. Tales of deep dark space, tales of odd magicks, tales of men with eyeballs for heads, and many many more. Listen in to discover:

    Righteous Apeiron Blue Moon Fizzle Sex Death Revolution Dream Tube Outer Darkness Retrograde Orbit Kingdom of the Dwarves The Tree That Grew on My Wall Firefly

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #81

    Once more into the brink or something. We got bees, temples, techno-futures, and ghost love! Listen in to discover:

    Neon Wasteland I Feel Machine Honey Haunter Taproot Bad Friends Watersnakes Drawn to Sex Snow Bird

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #80

    Here we are... again! Not gonna beat around the bush here, lots of really swell books. Mysterious gods, paradise and wastelands, bizarre worlds, and straight up death await you (in comic form). Listen in to discover:

    The Book of Luka The Nib: Death Sending You Love From Paradise Grave of the Nameless God Cankor: Calamity of Challenge Sex Death Revolution Maestros The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling Frank

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #79

    Now with more feeling! Join Drew to discuss all kind of books and have all kinds of fun. We're talkin' tales of augmented reality, a bug's life, an assassin-nation, and a lonesome deer. Tune in to discover:

    Poison Trail A Lone Deer At The End of the World Tales from the Interface Popova The Whispering Dark Croak Mob Psycho 100

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #78

    Drew returns for more tales! What kind of tales you may ask? We're talking tales of loss by Kelsey Wroten, chalice quests by Tim Sievert, and trying to remember by Nate Powell. PLUS there's a chat with cartoonist Anders Nilsen! Listen in to discover:

    SeerNova Comics The Clandestinauts Crimes Come Again The Source A City Inside Ogre It Looks Back

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #77

    Drew is solo, Drew has a cold, Drew is here. He isn't the only one around though as he is joined by the great Pat Aulisio! Not only that, but we have books about Pokemanz, interstellar romances, and the life of Noah Van Sciver. Listen in to discover:

    Our Final Halloween Gamma One Dirty Tree On a Sunbeam Infinite Bowman Survive 300,000,000 Check Please vol. 1 Blackbird Brat The Thousand Demon Tree

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #76

    Julia is on sabbatical or something so Jordy steps in to chat with Drew about space monsters, prison life, and senior citizen horror. Plus, some SPX talk and a festive Kickstarter. Listen in to discover:

    Small Press Expo MICE Kickstarter: Secret Santas Space Dragon Chimichanga Knights Errant The Prison Industrial Complex Dementia 21 Pinky & Pepper Forever Junior High Horrors Woman World Trench Dogs Coda

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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