For The Love of Indie

For The Love of Indie

For the Love of Indie is your #1 podcast for creator owned, independent and small press comics! Delve into some titles you may know little about, discover some incredible creators, and find out about excellent titles heading your way! Additional info and show notes can be found at!

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    62- Parasites, Punks, Life Cycles

    Aaron is married! Julia is a mother! Drew is... running this one solo and possibly losing his mind (unrelated). Listen in to discover:

    Neither Here Nor Hair Hand Me Down Black River Scumburbia Bad Host Evolution vol. 1 Flavor #1 Manfried the Man The Big Empty Life of Alphonse Tabouret

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    61- Birds, Space, William Cardini

    Julia's belly passenger is due today or tomorrow so it's just Drew... and you. Well that's not entire true, he's also joined by creator William Cardini! Listen in to discover:

    Hedra Bald King of Birds vol. 1 William Cardini Tales from the Hyperverse Daygloayhole Red Sonja-Tarzan Oothar the Blue The Ghost, The Owl

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    60- Sand, Gangs, Brains

    Together again! Julia have a whole mess of catching up to do, but they're going to talk about comics instead! Listen in to discover:

    Adorned By Chi Sandland Built on Strange Ground Menage a 3 Omnibus vol. 1 Isola #1 Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn Come Into Me #1 The Human Bestiary Black AF: Widows & Orphans #1 The Girl in the Himalayas The Pervert Heavy Vinyl

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    FTLI #59- Zines For Days

    Just a heads up, notes might be late. That being said, WELCOME ONCE AGAIN to the show. Drew is alone once more, and he has gone mad with power (and just in general). He talks zines, a lot. Listen in to discover:

    Bottoms Up Karen's Book Row Zine-O-Matic Issuu Massachusetts Feminist Zine Fest Skyward Survival Fetish Wasted Space Monster Tamer Girls

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    FTLI #58- Crystal Wizards, Body Horror, NSFW

    Here he is again on his own. He's sick, he's got perverse books, and he is ready to tell you alllll about them. It's just you and Drew this week and boy are there some dope books to discuss. Listen in to discover:

    Sink vol. 1 Sleep of Reason Slowquest Moist Tales From the Hyperverse Super-Dimensional Love Gun Crude The King of Birds Forward Season of the Snake

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

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    FTLI #57- Karina Killjoy, Anxious Heroes, Plumbing Gone Wrong

    A lone man on a mission... To talk about some stellar indie titles and interview a fantastic creator. Let's just say... Mission accomplished. Listen in to discover:

    Alter-Life Space Copz Femme Filth Alien Toilet Monsters The War For Kaleb Box Boy Flayed Corpse Breathless Shadowman

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

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    FTLI #56- Fire Gods, Our Origin, Metal Rabbits

    Let's not beat around the bush, your hosts had fun with this one. Listen in to discover:

    Prison Witch The Tea Dragon Society Out of Nothing Firebug Gideon Falls Kitty Kitty Archival Quality This Must Be The Place Infidel Dry County Vampironica Betrothed

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

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    FTLI #55- Young Love, Freaky Aliens, Funny Sexy Stuff

    Julia has a mandatory day off for National Women's Day so Jordy has stepped in to assist good 'ol Drew. Listen in for stories of sweet young romance, stories that may be sexy, and stories of terrifyinf space creatures. In other words, listen in to discover:

    The Idols of Solansehir I Love This Part Sex Fantasy I'm Not Here Prism Stalker Sonitus Why Art? War Mother Firebug

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

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    FTLI #54- Blackmail, Shae Beagle & Grace Ellis, Family Secrets

    Here they are world... Drew and Julia once more (plus a lot of times after this). They took good and true on books about all sorts of stuff. Hope you're also ready for a dope interview with Moonstruck's Shae Beagle and Grace Ellis! Oh plus, the giveaway ends tomorrow so get in on that. Listen in to discover:

    Snarlbear Moonstruck The Harcourt Legacy Arkade The Devil & the Monk Bottled Deathbed Menage a 3 The Wilds Pizzeria Kamikaze Labyrinth

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

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    FTLI #53- Knowledge, Religious Camps, Black Panther

    Jordy and Drew wrap up Black History Month with some great reads, great films and great company. Oh and "bee tee dubs" this is your last chance to participate in the giveaway. Listen in to discover:

    Black As the Crow Flies Encyclopedia of Black Comics Black Panther Relic of the Dragon Hit Girl Rebels: These Free & Independent States Trump Trump

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie

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