For The Love of Indie

For The Love of Indie

For the Love of Indie is your #1 podcast for creator owned, independent and small press comics! Delve into some titles you may know little about, discover some incredible creators, and find out about excellent titles heading your way! Additional info and show notes can be found at!

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    FTLI #55- Young Love, Freaky Aliens, Funny Sexy Stuff

    Julia has a mandatory day off for National Women's Day so Jordy has stepped in to assist good 'ol Drew. Listen in for stories of sweet young romance, stories that may be sexy, and stories of terrifyinf space creatures. In other words, listen in to discover:

    The Idols of Solansehir I Love This Part Sex Fantasy I'm Not Here Prism Stalker Sonitus Why Art? War Mother Firebug

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

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    FTLI #54- Blackmail, Shae Beagle & Grace Ellis, Family Secrets

    Here they are world... Drew and Julia once more (plus a lot of times after this). They took good and true on books about all sorts of stuff. Hope you're also ready for a dope interview with Moonstruck's Shae Beagle and Grace Ellis! Oh plus, the giveaway ends tomorrow so get in on that. Listen in to discover:

    Snarlbear Moonstruck The Harcourt Legacy Arkade The Devil & the Monk Bottled Deathbed Menage a 3 The Wilds Pizzeria Kamikaze Labyrinth

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

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    FTLI #53- Knowledge, Religious Camps, Black Panther

    Jordy and Drew wrap up Black History Month with some great reads, great films and great company. Oh and "bee tee dubs" this is your last chance to participate in the giveaway. Listen in to discover:

    Black As the Crow Flies Encyclopedia of Black Comics Black Panther Relic of the Dragon Hit Girl Rebels: These Free & Independent States Trump Trump

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie

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    FTLI #52- Senior Love, Angry Cupids, Wrong Doings

    Perhaps it's not Drew's favorite episode, but it's still pretty dang good. February roars on and Julia and Drew do what they do, bring you some fiiiiiiiine titles. OH and the Twitter giveaway has started, so check that out, win free books. Listen in to discover:

    Corpus Catapulted Kindred Death of Love Black AF Witch Creek Road I Am Alfonso Jones Bingo Love Baby Badass Quantum Teens Are Go Secret Loves of Geeks Kim Reaper

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

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    FTLI #51- Burlesque, 100 Candles, Whit Taylor!

    Here they are once more and good goddess do Drew & Julia have some swell titles to discuss. Not only is thee some solid comic chat, but Whit Taylor also drops in to discuss her comics! Oh and by the way, the Twitter giveaway has started. Listen in to discover:

    Birdcage Bottom Books 2018 Free Money Soho Dives, Soho Divas Flower Girls Four Letter Worlds Ghost Stories Long Lost Your Black Friend Hungry Ghosts Get Naked Twisted Romance Jem & the Holograms: Dimensions Black Comix Returns Theory of Magic

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

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    FTLI #50- The 90's, Tiny Horror, Lady Justice

    Guys, let's be honest. Drew wasn't totally n the ball this week. Still a really solid episode though! I mean we have stories all about humanity transcending, what's in your noggin, some aliens that are real pricks, and more! Listen in to discover:

    The Altered History of Willow Sparks Shattered Warrior The Three Rooms in Valerie's Head Jack's Luck Runs Out Incredible Doom Beautiful Darkness The Black Dahlias Ancestor Hungry Ghosts Mages of Mystralia Black AF The Weird World of Lagoola Gardner Professor Marston & the Wonder Women

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

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    FTLI #49- Monster Gangs, Eerie Attics, Ice Cream

    For the Love of Indie on a Wednesday?!?!?!?! Yup. New schedule time. It's also time for you to discover books about masturbation, some really crappy companionship, and a very unpleasant future. Listen in to discover:

    Action Hospital: Half Light Bleeds (It's) My Pleasure Gravetrancers The Man Who Came Down the Attic Stairs Days of Hate Bad Boyfriends Ice Cream Man Dalston Monsterzz Beautiful Canvas Megaman Master Mix Vinegar Teeth Mine! The Lie & How We Told It

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Instagram/Twitter: @indiebyrd

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    FTLI #48- Da Vinci, Space Gods, Seuss

    Welcome once more, weary adventurers. Grab some ale and listen in as Julia and Drew regale you with stories of wooden robots, growing up, and life in the apocalyptic future. Oh by the way, Julia and Drew are not bat experts, you'll understand soon enough. Anyway, listen in to discover:

    Tabi No Hana Wynter Dark Infinite Bowman Backways Homesick Monstro Mechanica Oh, The Things You Won't Know Sleepless War Mother Strangers in Paradise XXV Go West Teether Shadows On The Grave

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

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    FTLI #47- Phone Calls, Heists, Vampires

    Everyone! It's time! It. Is. Time. Time for witches, crime, eavesdropping, mythology and MORE. Listen in to discover:

    The Author's Apprentice Phone Book Dark Fang #1 Major Bummer Destiny, NY Caperbet! Little Gods Smut Peddler 2014 Tales From the Hyperverse Gao The Limbo Lounge Stabbity Bunny The End of the F***ing World

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd

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    FTLI #46- Video Games, Catboys, Desire

    UPDATE: THIS NOW HAS THE MISSING 3 MINUTES The boys and girls are back in town! After a holiday break, Julia and Drew meet up once more to discuss secret relatives, 80's action movies, the West Coast and more! Listen in to discover:

    Strike Team: Code Name: Diamond Force Goodbye The Comic Book Story of Video Games No Better Words Fever Coast Catboy Calling Dr. Laura Chilling Adventures in Sorcery I Am A Number Daughters of the Dark Oracle vol. 1 Koshchei the Deathless

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd

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