For The Love of Indie

For The Love of Indie

For the Love of Indie is your #1 podcast for creator owned, independent and small press comics! Delve into some titles you may know little about, discover some incredible creators, and find out about excellent titles heading your way! Additional info and show notes can be found at!

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    For the Love of Indie #70

    Everyone... hello. Drew runs solo this week but the books are just so dang good. We're talking books about Tinder dating, monstrous games, and a visit from Nate Powell. There's some AC noise during that interview but it's dang hot so whatever. Listen in to discover:

    Metalshark Bro A Body Beneath (05m14s) Frontier #6 (10m36s) Tinderella (15m44s) The works of Nate Powell! (20m37s)

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #69

    Oh dang... episode 69... time to talk NSFW. A whole mess of it. Listen in to discover:

    Pin-Up Artist The Man Who Loved Breasts Heavy Whisper #2 Capitol Hillbillies Oglaf Yes, Roya

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #68

    Oh is it that time once again? It sure is! Some sweet romance, pig ladies, soul goo and more await you adventurer. Listen in to discover:

    Farmhand Soul Liquid Chamber Submerged Your Black Friend & Other Strangers Unnatural It Will Be Hard Run Wild She Could Fly It Came Out On a Wednesday Come Again

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #67

    It's here once again! Julia and Drew have a lot to say about a lot of great books AND the For the Love of Indie Tower gets a visit from Daniel McCloskey! Listen in to discover:

    I Am Hexed Mound Coyote, Dreaming 3 Cages The Witch Boy The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast Free Money Bears In Space Is This Guy for Real? Song of Aglaia Entropy Shibuya Goldfish Unnatural

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta/ @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #66

    Oh man, two podcasters were feeling a bit goofy this time around but nevertheless, comics persisted. Listen in to discover:

    No Holds Bard Peter Pan the Vampire Lost in Guyville Sacred Heart Nancy Drew EARFOP A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns Sheets A Strange & Beautiful Sound The Hard Place Space Riders Volume 2 Space Boy

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #65

    Oh man oh man. 65 already! Julia and Drew have read so much stuff and now it's time for YOU to hear all about it. Also there have been a crap ton of website updates, just putting that out there. Listen in to discover:

    Into the Darkness Catacombs Everything Will Be Okay My Brother's Husband The Family Graves Why Make Zines in Times of Strife? The Weatherman Ganon My Boyfriend is a Bear It Will All Hurt Berserker Skip to the End By Night

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    64- Food, Cryptids, Music

    Ok so quick correction. Drew says Open earth is drawn bt Sarah Mirk but it isn't. It's drawn b Eva Cabrera. Anyway that being said, listen in to discover:

    -Cautionary Fables & Fairy Tales -Heavy Vinyl -The Sasquatch in Brooklyn -Short Order Crooks -Someone Please Have Sex With Me -Flavor -Open Earth -Labyrinth: Coronation -Safari Honeymoon -Pinky & Pepper Forever -Blackwood -Mech Cadet Yu -Swing

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    63- Journeys, Addiction, Urban Legends

    Hello everyone. It's me Drew. Join me for an evening of tales for all walks of life. Listen in to discover:

    The Lady Eudora Henley Eyelash Out Powr Mastrs Hanako & the Terror of Allegory Demontears Frank Trouble Makers The Winner The Curse of Charley Butters

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    62- Parasites, Punks, Life Cycles

    Aaron is married! Julia is a mother! Drew is... running this one solo and possibly losing his mind (unrelated). Listen in to discover:

    Neither Here Nor Hair Hand Me Down Black River Scumburbia Bad Host Evolution vol. 1 Flavor #1 Manfried the Man The Big Empty Life of Alphonse Tabouret

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    61- Birds, Space, William Cardini

    Julia's belly passenger is due today or tomorrow so it's just Drew... and you. Well that's not entire true, he's also joined by creator William Cardini! Listen in to discover:

    Hedra Bald King of Birds vol. 1 William Cardini Tales from the Hyperverse Daygloayhole Red Sonja-Tarzan Oothar the Blue The Ghost, The Owl

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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