For The Love of Indie

For The Love of Indie

For the Love of Indie is your #1 podcast for creator owned, independent and small press comics! Delve into some titles you may know little about, discover some incredible creators, and find out about excellent titles heading your way! Additional info and show notes can be found at!

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    For the Love of Indie #108

    Who's that coming down the track? It's a nonstop independent comics train with anxiety comics from Jenn Woodall, dystopian fantasy from Spugna, the mythical Bat-Man from David Enos, and surprise kids with Joel Orff. Chat us up at or on Twitter (@ftlindie). Show notes and other posts are found at

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    For the Love of Indie #107

       What a time to be alive! Dave Chrisholm's story of a lonely planet, Celine Loup's horrific postpartum tale, Liam Cobb's matchmaking between a woman and a frog, AND Rodger Binyone's technologically lush musings... all in one episode!  PLUS, the Rick & Morty contest winner is announced. Listen in to hear all about: Canopus, The Man Who Came Down the Attic Stairs, Hex Cymatics, and The Prince. You can reach us vialTwitter (@ftlindie) or email ( and show notes can be found at
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    For the Love of Indie #106

    My friends we are back once more to talk about tales of inhuman horror with Junji Ito, body swaps beating death, the toll of senility, and a special chat with Molly Mendoza! Plus some theatre talk and a little bit of Speed Racer action. It's a grand ol' reunion and you're invited! Here are the books we chat on:

    No Longer Human (TRIGGER WARNING) ADRI Days Gone By: Gone Fishin' Skip

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #105

    OhhHhhHhhHhhH it's a not at all spooky of For the Love of IndiEeEeEeEeEeE. I mean some stuff is kind of scary. You be the judge! This week we learn about herpes in Monsters, grotesque acts in the Guillozine, insightful travels along the PCT in Americana, and a journey of vengeance in Ode. PLUS some House of Leaves talk. You'll see!

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #104

    For the Love of Indie is here with new friend! New thrills! Old sex toys! Etc! We've got one page tales of terror, the truth behind nicotine, robot bears, awareness, short films featuring Rat Race, and so much moooooooooore!

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #103

    WEIRD AUDIO ALERT! Only for like, the first 2 or 3 minutes though. Then it's a recap of SPX and a special onsite interview with AJ Dungo of In Waves. See for yourself!

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #102

    It's episode 102 and it's just you and me... as well as some living gardens, internal monsters, gross folks, and Lawrence of Arabia. It's a good time.

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #101

    It's back! It's a podcast! It's about independent comics. This time around I'm talking books by Tia Roxae, AJ Dungo, Kriota Willberg, Shintaro Kago, and William Cardini. Plus, 2 whole seconds of Hamilton talk?! Neat. If I were to describe this episode in 6 words they would be history, grieving, ejection, witches, transformation, and abstract.

    Notes: www.fortheloveofindie Twitter: @ftlindie Email:

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    For the Love of Indie #100

    Good gravy it's episode 100! Do you know what that means?! More reviews of comics (eh 100 is just a number)! This time around we have zombie shenanigans with Christopher Reda and Leandro Rizzo, a trip through the underworld with Loïc Locatelli-Kournwsky, a lolita dressed serial killer from Haruto Ryo, and the next chapter in The Adventure Zone, from Carey Pietsch and the McElroy boys.

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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