For The Love of Indie

For The Love of Indie

For the Love of Indie is your #1 podcast for creator owned, independent and small press comics! Delve into some titles you may know little about, discover some incredible creators, and find out about excellent titles heading your way! Additional info and show notes can be found at!

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    For the Love of Indie #108

    Who's that coming down the track? It's a nonstop independent comics train with anxiety comics from Jenn Woodall, dystopian fantasy from Spugna, the mythical Bat-Man from David Enos, and surprise kids with Joel Orff. Chat us up at or on Twitter (@ftlindie). Show notes and other posts are found at

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    For the Love of Indie #107

       What a time to be alive! Dave Chrisholm's story of a lonely planet, Celine Loup's horrific postpartum tale, Liam Cobb's matchmaking between a woman and a frog, AND Rodger Binyone's technologically lush musings... all in one episode!  PLUS, the Rick & Morty contest winner is announced. Listen in to hear all about: Canopus, The Man Who Came Down the Attic Stairs, Hex Cymatics, and The Prince. You can reach us vialTwitter (@ftlindie) or email ( and show notes can be found at
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    For the Love of Indie #106

    My friends we are back once more to talk about tales of inhuman horror with Junji Ito, body swaps beating death, the toll of senility, and a special chat with Molly Mendoza! Plus some theatre talk and a little bit of Speed Racer action. It's a grand ol' reunion and you're invited! Here are the books we chat on:

    No Longer Human (TRIGGER WARNING) ADRI Days Gone By: Gone Fishin' Skip

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #105

    OhhHhhHhhHhhH it's a not at all spooky of For the Love of IndiEeEeEeEeEeE. I mean some stuff is kind of scary. You be the judge! This week we learn about herpes in Monsters, grotesque acts in the Guillozine, insightful travels along the PCT in Americana, and a journey of vengeance in Ode. PLUS some House of Leaves talk. You'll see!

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #104

    For the Love of Indie is here with new friend! New thrills! Old sex toys! Etc! We've got one page tales of terror, the truth behind nicotine, robot bears, awareness, short films featuring Rat Race, and so much moooooooooore!

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #103

    WEIRD AUDIO ALERT! Only for like, the first 2 or 3 minutes though. Then it's a recap of SPX and a special onsite interview with AJ Dungo of In Waves. See for yourself!

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #102

    It's episode 102 and it's just you and me... as well as some living gardens, internal monsters, gross folks, and Lawrence of Arabia. It's a good time.

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #101

    It's back! It's a podcast! It's about independent comics. This time around I'm talking books by Tia Roxae, AJ Dungo, Kriota Willberg, Shintaro Kago, and William Cardini. Plus, 2 whole seconds of Hamilton talk?! Neat. If I were to describe this episode in 6 words they would be history, grieving, ejection, witches, transformation, and abstract.

    Notes: www.fortheloveofindie Twitter: @ftlindie Email:

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    For the Love of Indie #100

    Good gravy it's episode 100! Do you know what that means?! More reviews of comics (eh 100 is just a number)! This time around we have zombie shenanigans with Christopher Reda and Leandro Rizzo, a trip through the underworld with Loïc Locatelli-Kournwsky, a lolita dressed serial killer from Haruto Ryo, and the next chapter in The Adventure Zone, from Carey Pietsch and the McElroy boys.

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #99

    Grill up dogs and burn that citronella, cuz it's a new episode! This one has it all, light movie reviews with Alita: Battle Angel, the end of Alexander Utkin's first Gamayun Tales arc, the hilarious and peculiar world, of Nick Edward's It Had To Be You, the tales of an Earth without us in Michelle Gish's We Are Here Forever, and chivalrous food in Kyle Fewell's The Hamburger Prince. Plus, some general comic industry talk. Everything you could want out of a one sided conversation, really.

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #98 w/Ezra Clayton Daniels

    Well well well... Looks like the For the Love of Indie broadcast tower is open once more! Take the gondola up and join me through some incredible books such as Emily Carroll's Beneath the Dead Oak Tree, Peter Wartman's Stonebreaker, Molly Mendoza's Skip, and Julia Gforer's Vision. There's also a special visit from Upgrade Soul and BTTM FDRS creator Ezra Clayton Daniels!

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #97

    Back once more! We've got horrors from Junji Ito, personal journeys withPenina Gal, apocalyptic introspection with Ben Passmore, who later teams up with Ezra Clayton Daniels to round out the show with some gentrification horror. Plus, some short TCAF talk. All RIGHT here RIGHT now.

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #96

    Here it is! The episode ONLY known as For the Love of Indie #96 featuring the worlds of cat and man reversed by Caitlin Major & Kelly Bastow, the uselessness of advancement by Shintaro Kago, a blockhead persisting after the bombs go off by Jason Yungbluth, and a mysterious death that only a child can solve from Emil Ferris.

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #95

    This For the Love of Indie episode has comics for days! Well, at least for the duration of the episode. We've got books about music horror, Francois Vigneault's scifi epic, Harpo Marx & Salvador Dali, bizarre publications from another dimension, monsters that are avoided by prescription and so much more!

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #94

    For the Love of Indie #94 is here for your small press comics needs. We have space terror from Tyler Landry, the childhood of Jesse Reklaw, colorful fighters from Josh Hicks and a the struggles of a toxic relationship from Mariko Tamaki & Rosemary Valero-O'Connell. Take a listen and hear all about:

    The Glorious Wrestling Alliance Vile #1: Coward's Hole Couch Tag Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me Cold Blood Samurai Unnatural vol. 2 Fairlady Faithless

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #93

    No longer ill (mostly)! For the Love of Indie is back once more with great comics from Frances Castle, Kelsey Wroten, Hyena Hell, Christopher Reda, Alonso Molina Gonzales, and so much more! Art, life, space travel, ghost sightings, and passion through illness are just some of the subjects this week. Enjoy!

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #92

    It's here at last! For the Love of Indie #92! It's all back too, the Kickstarter, the new releases, the comics about camaraderie, sex, liberating animals. eternal turtles and so much more, all right here. Listen in to hear about:

    White Murder Partners Warpaint Hicotea (Nightlights vol. 2) Dark Red #1 Invisible Kingdom #1 Coda vol. 1 Belzebubs

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #91

    Here we are again! We've got independent comics, we've got all sorts of topics, and we have special guest Ivy Atoms. Why don't you grab a seat and hear all about:

    The Chancellor and the Citadel Nest Gun Pinky and Pepper Forever

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #90

    Hope you're ready for some hot hoooooot reading. As in swell books, duh. Cathy G. Johnson, Hazel Newlevant, Matteo's all here! All kinds really. Listen in to hear about: -Cosmic Love -You Can Try Again -Calexit -Summer Travel Zine -Upgrade Soul -Tender-Hearted -Bully Wars -Bedtime Games -Stronghold -High Crimes

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #89

    Drew's a really Chatty Cathy on this one. It's only because there are so many great comics out there. You should get them, but listen to this first. You'll hear all about:

    -Destiny, NY -Burn Your Demons -The Last Unicorn -Pressure -PTSD -The Wilds -The Great Wiz & Ruckus -The Long Con -The Wrath of Fantomas

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #88

    It's cold... DAMN COLD. Let me tell ya... we're sick of it. Hey at least we all have comics right? Listen in to here alllll about

    Inhibit Womp Womp Fluids n' Squirts Vantage Snowbird

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #87

    Jordy and Drew are here and it is time they tell you about all kinds of independent comics. We've got some more myths, blood sucking love, Pokemon inspired choose your own adventure books, and more! Listen in to hear about:

    The Water Spirit The False Doe Hocus & Pocus Egg Cream Sword of Ages To Drink & to Eat Iron or the War After Her Infernal Descent

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #86

    Cold meds won't stop Drew! Should they have? Maybe... It's episode 1 of the new year and there are so many swell books to discuss. Books about praying mantis dates, hometown horror, just having a good time and more await you! Listen in to discover:

    Intimacy Nighttime Skate Frankenstein Long Lost Wrath of God Proxima Centauri Blossoms 666 Avant-Guards

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #85

    Jingle jingle... it's For the Love of Indie. Put an elf on a shelf, get a mug of toasty beverage, and get ready to be festive. Listen in to discover:

    The Vampire's Christmas The Gremlin Movie Incident The List

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #84

    The holidays approach! Distract yourself from the hustle and bustle with tales of Japanese ghosts, classic cartoons, transformative horror, AND a chat with Spike Trotman! Yes, quite a show. Listen in to discover:

    Off My Meds Onibi: Diary of a Yokai Ghost Hunter Beast Meat Iron Circus Comics Templar, Arizona Smut Peddler Liphook Livewire The Cabinet Flem

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #83

    The wind blows, the house creaks, your favorite podcast appears once again. Three words for you... wrestling, anxiety, and clones. Listen in to discover:

    (Be)Loved Glorious Wrestling Alliance Upgrade Soul Sweaty Palms Our Wretched Town Hall Parallel Lives Wizard Beach Self-Made

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #82

    The prodigal daughter returns! Julia once again takes her seat next to Drew and the duo discuss a great many tales. Tales of deep dark space, tales of odd magicks, tales of men with eyeballs for heads, and many many more. Listen in to discover:

    Righteous Apeiron Blue Moon Fizzle Sex Death Revolution Dream Tube Outer Darkness Retrograde Orbit Kingdom of the Dwarves The Tree That Grew on My Wall Firefly

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #81

    Once more into the brink or something. We got bees, temples, techno-futures, and ghost love! Listen in to discover:

    Neon Wasteland I Feel Machine Honey Haunter Taproot Bad Friends Watersnakes Drawn to Sex Snow Bird

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #80

    Here we are... again! Not gonna beat around the bush here, lots of really swell books. Mysterious gods, paradise and wastelands, bizarre worlds, and straight up death await you (in comic form). Listen in to discover:

    The Book of Luka The Nib: Death Sending You Love From Paradise Grave of the Nameless God Cankor: Calamity of Challenge Sex Death Revolution Maestros The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling Frank

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #79

    Now with more feeling! Join Drew to discuss all kind of books and have all kinds of fun. We're talkin' tales of augmented reality, a bug's life, an assassin-nation, and a lonesome deer. Tune in to discover:

    Poison Trail A Lone Deer At The End of the World Tales from the Interface Popova The Whispering Dark Croak Mob Psycho 100

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #78

    Drew returns for more tales! What kind of tales you may ask? We're talking tales of loss by Kelsey Wroten, chalice quests by Tim Sievert, and trying to remember by Nate Powell. PLUS there's a chat with cartoonist Anders Nilsen! Listen in to discover:

    SeerNova Comics The Clandestinauts Crimes Come Again The Source A City Inside Ogre It Looks Back

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #77

    Drew is solo, Drew has a cold, Drew is here. He isn't the only one around though as he is joined by the great Pat Aulisio! Not only that, but we have books about Pokemanz, interstellar romances, and the life of Noah Van Sciver. Listen in to discover:

    Our Final Halloween Gamma One Dirty Tree On a Sunbeam Infinite Bowman Survive 300,000,000 Check Please vol. 1 Blackbird Brat The Thousand Demon Tree

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #76

    Julia is on sabbatical or something so Jordy steps in to chat with Drew about space monsters, prison life, and senior citizen horror. Plus, some SPX talk and a festive Kickstarter. Listen in to discover:

    Small Press Expo MICE Kickstarter: Secret Santas Space Dragon Chimichanga Knights Errant The Prison Industrial Complex Dementia 21 Pinky & Pepper Forever Junior High Horrors Woman World Trench Dogs Coda

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #75

    Mmm mmm MM! Smell that fresh comics smell? Your hosts sure do. They talk about tales of bird cops, young witches, active imaginations and more. Listen in to discover:

    Cthulhu is Hard to Spell Necromancer Robird Segal Beyond 2 Anthology Beyonders Nightlights Always on Brand Dark Realm Hungry Ghosts Dementia 21 Temult

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #74

    Oh well hello there! Hope you're ready for some comics because this podcast has 'em. We're talking books about killer apps, Finnish magic, all kinds of stuff really! Listen in to discover:

    FlameCon Drop Out Crowded The World of Tomorrow House Amok Lempo Bully Wars Prism Stalker I Read Banned Comics Mortals & Immortals of Greek Mythology

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

  36. Thumb 1534904612 artwork

    For the Love of Indie #73

    Slightly shorter episode but ya know what? It's still really swell. Drew runs this show solo and talks about Bowie, space pirates, fancy thievery & more! Listen in to discover:

    Wolverton: Thief of Impossible Objects Salvagers The Whistling Factory Hallo Spaceboy

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

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    For the Love of Indie #72

    Someone else reading this weeks books?! Learning to be yourself?! Visiting scenic Gravity Falls?! It's all here, I've witnessed it. Listen in to discover:

    The Mannamong Crossplay Gravity Falls: Lost Legends Run With Your Demons Go Team Venture! A Bubble Crowded Sheets Furnace

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie

  38. Thumb 1533760152 artwork

    For the Love of Indie #71

    Light some candles, turn on some music and get your finest caraff of soda, it's time for Drew and Julia to tell you about some books. Listen in to discover:

    Skies of Fire Bone Parish The Resurrected Goliath Girls Continental Kings Leviathan Gorgeous Look Back And Laugh The Storyteller: Fairies Let Go Hot Lunch Special

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

  39. Thumb 1532461961 artwork

    For the Love of Indie #70

    Everyone... hello. Drew runs solo this week but the books are just so dang good. We're talking books about Tinder dating, monstrous games, and a visit from Nate Powell. There's some AC noise during that interview but it's dang hot so whatever. Listen in to discover:

    Metalshark Bro A Body Beneath (05m14s) Frontier #6 (10m36s) Tinderella (15m44s) The works of Nate Powell! (20m37s)

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

  40. Thumb 1531937728 artwork

    For the Love of Indie #69

    Oh dang... episode 69... time to talk NSFW. A whole mess of it. Listen in to discover:

    Pin-Up Artist The Man Who Loved Breasts Heavy Whisper #2 Capitol Hillbillies Oglaf Yes, Roya

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie

  41. Thumb 1531312707 artwork

    For the Love of Indie #68

    Oh is it that time once again? It sure is! Some sweet romance, pig ladies, soul goo and more await you adventurer. Listen in to discover:

    Farmhand Soul Liquid Chamber Submerged Your Black Friend & Other Strangers Unnatural It Will Be Hard Run Wild She Could Fly It Came Out On a Wednesday Come Again

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

  42. Thumb 1530706962 artwork

    For the Love of Indie #67

    It's here once again! Julia and Drew have a lot to say about a lot of great books AND the For the Love of Indie Tower gets a visit from Daniel McCloskey! Listen in to discover:

    I Am Hexed Mound Coyote, Dreaming 3 Cages The Witch Boy The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast Free Money Bears In Space Is This Guy for Real? Song of Aglaia Entropy Shibuya Goldfish Unnatural

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta/ @ftlindie

  43. Thumb 1529495822 artwork

    For the Love of Indie #66

    Oh man, two podcasters were feeling a bit goofy this time around but nevertheless, comics persisted. Listen in to discover:

    No Holds Bard Peter Pan the Vampire Lost in Guyville Sacred Heart Nancy Drew EARFOP A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns Sheets A Strange & Beautiful Sound The Hard Place Space Riders Volume 2 Space Boy

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

  44. Thumb 1528896296 artwork

    For the Love of Indie #65

    Oh man oh man. 65 already! Julia and Drew have read so much stuff and now it's time for YOU to hear all about it. Also there have been a crap ton of website updates, just putting that out there. Listen in to discover:

    Into the Darkness Catacombs Everything Will Be Okay My Brother's Husband The Family Graves Why Make Zines in Times of Strife? The Weatherman Ganon My Boyfriend is a Bear It Will All Hurt Berserker Skip to the End By Night

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

  45. Thumb 1527676177 artwork

    64- Food, Cryptids, Music

    Ok so quick correction. Drew says Open earth is drawn bt Sarah Mirk but it isn't. It's drawn b Eva Cabrera. Anyway that being said, listen in to discover:

    -Cautionary Fables & Fairy Tales -Heavy Vinyl -The Sasquatch in Brooklyn -Short Order Crooks -Someone Please Have Sex With Me -Flavor -Open Earth -Labyrinth: Coronation -Safari Honeymoon -Pinky & Pepper Forever -Blackwood -Mech Cadet Yu -Swing

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

  46. Thumb 1527078591 artwork

    63- Journeys, Addiction, Urban Legends

    Hello everyone. It's me Drew. Join me for an evening of tales for all walks of life. Listen in to discover:

    The Lady Eudora Henley Eyelash Out Powr Mastrs Hanako & the Terror of Allegory Demontears Frank Trouble Makers The Winner The Curse of Charley Butters

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

  47. Thumb 1526472896 artwork

    62- Parasites, Punks, Life Cycles

    Aaron is married! Julia is a mother! Drew is... running this one solo and possibly losing his mind (unrelated). Listen in to discover:

    Neither Here Nor Hair Hand Me Down Black River Scumburbia Bad Host Evolution vol. 1 Flavor #1 Manfried the Man The Big Empty Life of Alphonse Tabouret

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

  48. Thumb 1525267884 artwork

    61- Birds, Space, William Cardini

    Julia's belly passenger is due today or tomorrow so it's just Drew... and you. Well that's not entire true, he's also joined by creator William Cardini! Listen in to discover:

    Hedra Bald King of Birds vol. 1 William Cardini Tales from the Hyperverse Daygloayhole Red Sonja-Tarzan Oothar the Blue The Ghost, The Owl

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

  49. Thumb 1524663002 artwork

    60- Sand, Gangs, Brains

    Together again! Julia have a whole mess of catching up to do, but they're going to talk about comics instead! Listen in to discover:

    Adorned By Chi Sandland Built on Strange Ground Menage a 3 Omnibus vol. 1 Isola #1 Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn Come Into Me #1 The Human Bestiary Black AF: Widows & Orphans #1 The Girl in the Himalayas The Pervert Heavy Vinyl

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

  50. Thumb 1524145174 artwork

    FTLI #59- Zines For Days

    Just a heads up, notes might be late. That being said, WELCOME ONCE AGAIN to the show. Drew is alone once more, and he has gone mad with power (and just in general). He talks zines, a lot. Listen in to discover:

    Bottoms Up Karen's Book Row Zine-O-Matic Issuu Massachusetts Feminist Zine Fest Skyward Survival Fetish Wasted Space Monster Tamer Girls

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Insta: @ftlindie

  51. Thumb 1523448466 artwork

    FTLI #58- Crystal Wizards, Body Horror, NSFW

    Here he is again on his own. He's sick, he's got perverse books, and he is ready to tell you alllll about them. It's just you and Drew this week and boy are there some dope books to discuss. Listen in to discover:

    Sink vol. 1 Sleep of Reason Slowquest Moist Tales From the Hyperverse Super-Dimensional Love Gun Crude The King of Birds Forward Season of the Snake

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

  52. Thumb 1522194887 artwork

    FTLI #57- Karina Killjoy, Anxious Heroes, Plumbing Gone Wrong

    A lone man on a mission... To talk about some stellar indie titles and interview a fantastic creator. Let's just say... Mission accomplished. Listen in to discover:

    Alter-Life Space Copz Femme Filth Alien Toilet Monsters The War For Kaleb Box Boy Flayed Corpse Breathless Shadowman

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

  53. Thumb 1521033328 artwork

    FTLI #56- Fire Gods, Our Origin, Metal Rabbits

    Let's not beat around the bush, your hosts had fun with this one. Listen in to discover:

    Prison Witch The Tea Dragon Society Out of Nothing Firebug Gideon Falls Kitty Kitty Archival Quality This Must Be The Place Infidel Dry County Vampironica Betrothed

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

  54. Thumb 1520388176 artwork

    FTLI #55- Young Love, Freaky Aliens, Funny Sexy Stuff

    Julia has a mandatory day off for National Women's Day so Jordy has stepped in to assist good 'ol Drew. Listen in for stories of sweet young romance, stories that may be sexy, and stories of terrifyinf space creatures. In other words, listen in to discover:

    The Idols of Solansehir I Love This Part Sex Fantasy I'm Not Here Prism Stalker Sonitus Why Art? War Mother Firebug

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

  55. Thumb 1519686240 artwork

    FTLI #54- Blackmail, Shae Beagle & Grace Ellis, Family Secrets

    Here they are world... Drew and Julia once more (plus a lot of times after this). They took good and true on books about all sorts of stuff. Hope you're also ready for a dope interview with Moonstruck's Shae Beagle and Grace Ellis! Oh plus, the giveaway ends tomorrow so get in on that. Listen in to discover:

    Snarlbear Moonstruck The Harcourt Legacy Arkade The Devil & the Monk Bottled Deathbed Menage a 3 The Wilds Pizzeria Kamikaze Labyrinth

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

  56. Thumb 1519175300 artwork

    FTLI #53- Knowledge, Religious Camps, Black Panther

    Jordy and Drew wrap up Black History Month with some great reads, great films and great company. Oh and "bee tee dubs" this is your last chance to participate in the giveaway. Listen in to discover:

    Black As the Crow Flies Encyclopedia of Black Comics Black Panther Relic of the Dragon Hit Girl Rebels: These Free & Independent States Trump Trump

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie

  57. Thumb 1518609281 artwork

    FTLI #52- Senior Love, Angry Cupids, Wrong Doings

    Perhaps it's not Drew's favorite episode, but it's still pretty dang good. February roars on and Julia and Drew do what they do, bring you some fiiiiiiiine titles. OH and the Twitter giveaway has started, so check that out, win free books. Listen in to discover:

    Corpus Catapulted Kindred Death of Love Black AF Witch Creek Road I Am Alfonso Jones Bingo Love Baby Badass Quantum Teens Are Go Secret Loves of Geeks Kim Reaper

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

  58. Thumb 1518047779 artwork

    FTLI #51- Burlesque, 100 Candles, Whit Taylor!

    Here they are once more and good goddess do Drew & Julia have some swell titles to discuss. Not only is thee some solid comic chat, but Whit Taylor also drops in to discuss her comics! Oh and by the way, the Twitter giveaway has started. Listen in to discover:

    Birdcage Bottom Books 2018 Free Money Soho Dives, Soho Divas Flower Girls Four Letter Worlds Ghost Stories Long Lost Your Black Friend Hungry Ghosts Get Naked Twisted Romance Jem & the Holograms: Dimensions Black Comix Returns Theory of Magic

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

  59. Thumb 1517366932 artwork

    FTLI #50- The 90's, Tiny Horror, Lady Justice

    Guys, let's be honest. Drew wasn't totally n the ball this week. Still a really solid episode though! I mean we have stories all about humanity transcending, what's in your noggin, some aliens that are real pricks, and more! Listen in to discover:

    The Altered History of Willow Sparks Shattered Warrior The Three Rooms in Valerie's Head Jack's Luck Runs Out Incredible Doom Beautiful Darkness The Black Dahlias Ancestor Hungry Ghosts Mages of Mystralia Black AF The Weird World of Lagoola Gardner Professor Marston & the Wonder Women

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

  60. Thumb 1516754269 artwork

    FTLI #49- Monster Gangs, Eerie Attics, Ice Cream

    For the Love of Indie on a Wednesday?!?!?!?! Yup. New schedule time. It's also time for you to discover books about masturbation, some really crappy companionship, and a very unpleasant future. Listen in to discover:

    Action Hospital: Half Light Bleeds (It's) My Pleasure Gravetrancers The Man Who Came Down the Attic Stairs Days of Hate Bad Boyfriends Ice Cream Man Dalston Monsterzz Beautiful Canvas Megaman Master Mix Vinegar Teeth Mine! The Lie & How We Told It

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Instagram/Twitter: @indiebyrd

  61. Thumb 1516052189 artwork

    FTLI #48- Da Vinci, Space Gods, Seuss

    Welcome once more, weary adventurers. Grab some ale and listen in as Julia and Drew regale you with stories of wooden robots, growing up, and life in the apocalyptic future. Oh by the way, Julia and Drew are not bat experts, you'll understand soon enough. Anyway, listen in to discover:

    Tabi No Hana Wynter Dark Infinite Bowman Backways Homesick Monstro Mechanica Oh, The Things You Won't Know Sleepless War Mother Strangers in Paradise XXV Go West Teether Shadows On The Grave

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie

  62. Thumb 1515463888 artwork

    FTLI #47- Phone Calls, Heists, Vampires

    Everyone! It's time! It. Is. Time. Time for witches, crime, eavesdropping, mythology and MORE. Listen in to discover:

    The Author's Apprentice Phone Book Dark Fang #1 Major Bummer Destiny, NY Caperbet! Little Gods Smut Peddler 2014 Tales From the Hyperverse Gao The Limbo Lounge Stabbity Bunny The End of the F***ing World

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd

  63. Thumb 1515463364 artwork

    FTLI #46- Video Games, Catboys, Desire

    UPDATE: THIS NOW HAS THE MISSING 3 MINUTES The boys and girls are back in town! After a holiday break, Julia and Drew meet up once more to discuss secret relatives, 80's action movies, the West Coast and more! Listen in to discover:

    Strike Team: Code Name: Diamond Force Goodbye The Comic Book Story of Video Games No Better Words Fever Coast Catboy Calling Dr. Laura Chilling Adventures in Sorcery I Am A Number Daughters of the Dark Oracle vol. 1 Koshchei the Deathless

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd

  64. Thumb 1512938451 artwork

    FTLI #45- Cats, INTERVIEWS, Erotica

    A fine time for a fine podcast! Join Drew & Julia as they discuss cat women, personal thoughts, polyamory and more! Also, make sure to listen in for an interview with special guests Nicole Rodrigues and Soumya Dhulekar! Listen in to discover:

    Crossplay Here Comes Cat Stevens Junji Ito's Cat Diary: Yon & Mu Cat Girlfriend Shadow Whimsies Another Castle Sugar Town Empty Earth Board of Trustees Gravetrancers Giants Judge Dredd: The Blessed Earth vol. 1 Jazz Maynard

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Instagram/Twitter: @indiebyrd

  65. Thumb 1512335473 artwork

    FTLI #44- Garbage, Porn, Folklore

    A travesty has happened. This episode about half way through has become... corrupted. Let's blame it on Drew. That being said, we get to talk about a few books with our hosts and YOU can learn all about them. Listen in to discover:

    The Sun and the Wayward Wind Resurrection Perverts The Doomster's Monolithic Pocket Alphabet Trashed

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Instagram/Twitter: @indiebyrd

  66. Thumb 1511823081 artwork

    FTLI #43- Hazel Newlevant, Evil Beards, Sororities

    Welcome once again! This time around Drew is joined by special guess Hazel Newlevant for an interview and Julia gets real about ghosts. Plus, there MAY be a surprise after the end music. Listen in to discover:

    Swan Song A Boy & A Girl The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil Hazed Forlorn Funnies #1 Ghosted vol. 1 Something Terrible An Impossible Romance With the Stars Motro vol. 1 Hazel Newlevant! I Am Not Okay With This Sword of Ages Bad Mask The Big Book of Bisexual Trials & Errors Rutabaga vol. 1

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Instagram/Twitter: @indiebyrd

  67. Thumb 1510520251 artwork

    FTLI #42- Giants, Aliens, Superteens

    Indie comics are what people want and indie comics are what they'll get. This week Julia and Drew discuss pro choice, some odd magic, visions of death, alien waystations and more! Listen in to discover:

    Spiders & Stardust Even the Giants Coyotes Comics for Choice Port of Earth The Nao of Brown We Can Never Go Home Adrift Bolivar Flayed Finding Molly

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Instagram/Twitter: @indiebyrd

  68. Thumb 1509913430 artwork

    FTLI #41- Glamera, What I Did, The Wendy Project

    Oh hello! I didn't see you there. Why don't you stop in for tales of glam rock, melancholy animals, and nightmarish internships? Listen in to discover:

    Fun Home the Musical LAAB Magazine Fantastic Butterflies Glamera What I Did Internal Affairs III The Gravediggers Union The Wendy Project No. 1 With a Bullet Artificial Flowers 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank Sugar Town The Devil's Armchair Coyotes

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Instagram/Twitter: @indiebyrd

  69. Thumb 1509323597 artwork

    FTLI #40- Bottoms Up, Work Through It, What is Left

    So much to talk about! Drew and Julia talk M.I.C.E. They talk creators helping you through it. Addiction? Yup that's here too. Let's toss in a gorgeous sci-fi title and a tabletop gaming anthology for flavor. Listen in to discover:

    M.I.C.E. Death Saves Advanced Death Saves Bottoms Up! Cloudia & Rex What is Left Work Through It The Big Mystery Case Rock Mary Rock Blood Club White Ash SeerNova Comics The Grave Diggers Union Queen Street Black vol. 1 The Once and Future Queen

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Instagram/Twitter: @indiebyrd

  70. Thumb 1508101743 artwork

    FTLI #39-

    Here we go again! Time for tales of figure skating, haunted hospitals, luchadores and more. Listen in to discover:

    NYCC 2017 Circadia The Unsound Spinning Cosplayers Don't Think Too Hard Wormwood: Mr. Wormwood Goes to Washington Art Schooled Blood Brothers Tarantula Scales & Scoundrels Kid Lobotomy A Story of Men Now Voices in the Dark

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd

  71. Thumb 1507502779 artwork

    FTLI #38- Fetch, Chester 5000, Magical Beatdown

    It's a marital episode (just as far as hosts go) with Jordy and Drew! Sit a spell and hear about stories of sexy robots, magical badasses, serial killers and more! Listen in to discover:

    Magical Beatdown My Friend Dahmer Chester 5000 Chester 5000: Isabelle & George Fetch The Family Trade Ladycastle Boundless Comic Book Story of Video Games

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg

  72. Thumb 1506295797 artwork

    FTLI #37- Tongues, Murders, Horror Tapes

    Here we are once more. Drew rides solo on this short episode with tales of supernatural school killings, teen angst, Greek fables and MORE! Listen in to discover:

    SPX Skull Behind the Sky Tongues Horror Tapes Killbuck Murders Arya Kill Them All Orchid Malefic

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg

  73. Thumb 1504474733 artwork

    FTLI #36- Lovf, Our Mother, In Clothes Called Fat

    Kaila joins Drew on this special episode with a focus on mental illness in comics. Featuring very real, intimate, and frightening tales, the duo explores these issues in comic form. Listen in to discover:

    -Look Straight Ahead -Lovf -Psychiatric Tales -In Clothes Called Fat -Our Mother -This One Summer -Swallow Me Whole -I Kill Giants -Hyperbole & a Half -Don't Think Too Hard -Fukitor -Iceland -Extremity vol. 1 -Scales & Scoundrels

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Kaila's Instagram/Twitter: @everythingremindsme/@kailakerouac

  74. Thumb 1503873639 artwork

    FTLI #35- Moonstruck, My Pretty Vampire, Heathen

    Those two hosts are back to talk about those books. This episode Drew and Julia let you in on all things Flamecon 2017. PLUS we chat about a Legend of Zelda love letter, beautiful but violent vampires, some very relatable stories, a world of myths and monsters and more! Listen in to discover:

    Flamecon 2017 Lark's Killer My Pretty Vampire Moonstruck Heathen Heavenly Blues Second Quest Connection Lost Audubon Comic Book History of Comics Home Time The Other Side Sun Bakery Lithium Jubilee

    Notes: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Email: Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Instagram/Twitter: @indiebyrd

  75. Thumb 1502070663 artwork

    FTLI #34- Your Black Friend, Magical Girl Apocalypse, Time & Vine

    Ahhhh a nice refreshing episode of For The Love of Indie with Drew and Julia. We have tales of excrement, alchemy, and sad marine life! Listen in to discover:

    Coffin Crushers St & Ps Time & Vine The Worrier's Guide to Life Your Black Friend Magical Girl Apocalypse Mail Order Bride The Saddest Whale & Other Stories White as Jasmine Flowers Redlands Ghost Money My Pretty Vampire Pantheon: True Story of the Egyptian Deities

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd

  76. Thumb 1500853412 artwork

    FTLI #33- Zodiac Starforce, Garbage Night, Rise of the Dungeon Master

    Drew and Julia are back and better than ever (probably). We got books about honky tonk vampires, some chill anthropomorphic animals, the origins of D & D and more! Also, there's some air conditioner noise in the background. If you don't like it then learn to control the weather and shoot us an email. Listen in to discover:

    Electric City Comic Con Death Metal Zombie Cop Rise of the Dungeon Master Redneck Be Your Own Backing Band Alone Again Garbage Night Zodiac Starforce Dogs and Water Jonesy Cloud Stories Zojaqan Murder Ballads Your Pal Archie and more!

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Julia's Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg

  77. Thumb 1499611426 artwork

    FTLI #32- The Dark Tower, Robin Furth, Plague Doktor

    It's a convention weekend and Drew is recording alone about a doctor with an impossible task... BUT NOT FOR LONG! Robin Furth, co-author of the Dark Tower comics and author of Concordance stops in to talk about her experience with the property. Listen in to discover:

    Plague Doktor The Dark Tower The Dark Tower: Concordance Skin & Earth Calexit St & Ps Alone

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg

  78. Thumb 1499042868 artwork

    FTLI #31- The Chair, Charlie Chan Hock Chye, American Barbarian

    The gang returns! Like, most of the gang. Drew, Julia, and Kaila each take a seat to discuss stories of demon babies, what happens when you're not paying attention, a Singapore artist you've never heard of and more! Plus, Buddy Beaudoin of Gentleman Pickle stops in for a chat. Listen in to discover:

    Alter-Life Gentleman Pickle Prat Killadelphia The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye Shirtless Bear Fighter Everything We Miss The Chair American Barbarian Baby Teeth Prison Pit Quantum Teens are Go Sacred Creatures Cloudia and Rex Loose Ends Jam in the Band Drums Electric City Comic Con

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Instagram/Twitter: @indiebyrd Kaila's Instagram/Twitter: @everythingremindsme/@kailakerouac

  79. Thumb 1498446372 artwork

    Movie Review! Wonder Woman!

    No, Wonder Woman is not an independent property, but it IS the first comic book movie in a series of comic movie reviews from Drew and his wife, Jordy. Normally these won't replace a regular episode, but this week was indeed busy. Did these two enjoy the film? What even happens in it? Is Chris Pine simply an average man? Quit asking questions and just listen, talk is cheap.

    Website: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg

  80. Thumb 1497831665 artwork

    FTLI #30- Spillzone, Deadly Class, We Can Fix It

    The gang is back together! Join Julia and Drew as they discuss psychedelic chemical spills, classrooms teaching assassination, people making out with themselves and more! Plus, if you listen carefully you will get to hear Julia's singing voice. Listen in to discover:

    Albany Comic Con Electric City Comic Con Can I Pet Your Werewolf? Nailbiter Modern Animals Deadly Class Book 1 We Can Fix It Chester 5000 Rock Candy Mountain Spillzone Swordquest An Apple and an Adventure A New Low Shirtless Bear Fight

    Show notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd

  81. Thumb 1497230475 artwork

    FTLI #29- Katie Skelly, Tekkonkinkreet

    The one where Drew forgets to introduce himself. Kaila and Drew team up once again to discuss the masterpiece Tekkonkinkreet, but before that there's a chat with Katie Skelly! Oh and there's a little white noise in the back, it's a fan, it's hotter'n hell. Listen in to discover:

    Nurse Nurse My Pretty Vampire Operation Margarine Tekkonkinkreet (movie & manga) Kill the Minotaur Motor Crush vol. 1 Vague Tales Garbage Night

    Notes: E-mail: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Kaila's Instagram: @everythingremindsme

  82. Thumb 1496079369 artwork

    FTLI #28- Rutabaga, Sink, Sam Spina

    Julia is on a required sabatical so Drew takes the reins once again! It's madness, mayhem! We've got people disposing of bodies, spider web soup, really dumb families and more. Listen in to discover:

    Native Drums vol. 1 Rutabaga: Feasts of Fury A Sunday Free My Dumb Kids Having a Time: Spinadoodles #7 Sink #2 Canopy Paklis #1 Circle Heroines #1 Spread #21 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg

  83. Thumb 1495375616 artwork

    FTLI #27- J.T. Yost, Graveyard Quest, Grrl Scouts

    Drew and Julia are at it again! Julia gets excited about werewolves in 'Nam and island stationed pilots! Drew gets passionate about the Greek gods and the Arctic. J.T. Yost of Birdcage Bottom Books also joins us to talk about his Kickstarter! Listen in to discover:

    Birdcage Bottom Books Bottoms Up Anthology Namwolf #1 Graveard Quest Real Science Adventures #1 Dissolving Classroom Grass Kings #1 How To Survive in the North Grrl Scouts #1 The Hero vol. 1 & 2 Your Black Friend Normals #1 Flammable Saucer State #1 Earplug Podcast Network

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd

  84. Thumb 1494794454 artwork

    FTLI #26- Bottoms Up, Glance Backward, Slasher

    My my my... we sure had a lot to carry on about. Listen in to here allllll about:

    Chase Con Hudson Valley Comic Con Bottoms Up Anthology Fight Street California Dreamin' Slasher #1 Misfit City #1 Glance Backward Night Owl Society #1 Aldous Spark vol. 1 World Reader #1 Prat #1 & 2 Resurrection Perverts Freeway Fighter Rise of the Dungeon Master Gary Gygax Grrl Scouts

    Notes: Email: Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Instagram/Twitter: @indiebyrd

  85. Thumb 1493564349 artwork

    FTLI #25- Uzumaki, Swordquest, Croak

    Julia is away this time around, but Drew is far from alone. Friend of the show Kaila joins in to talk about a town obsessed with spirals (Uzumaki) and the author/artist behind it, Junji Ito. Plus, some Atari legends (Swordquest), croaking monsters (Croak), pyschosexual murderers (Slasher), and one mysterious woman (Stained). Oh and there's an intern named Dan that helps fact check, but he's not really an intern. Julia and Drew are attending Chase Con next weekend so there may or may not be an episode, only time will tell!

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie Kaila's Twitter/Instagram: @kailakerouac/@everythingremindsme Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg

  86. Thumb 1492991686 artwork

    FTLI #24- Rachel Rising, Look Straight Ahead, Rose

    A big episode for a big week of comics! Listen in to discover:

    Missplaced Helena Crash Berlin Rose Look Straight Ahead The Dregs Rachel Rising Shaolin Cowboy No World Namwolf Roughneck Kid Savage

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie Julia's Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg

  87. Thumb 1492362289 artwork

    FTLI #23- The Sword, Godshaper, Polybius Dreams

    What a show, what a show! In this special Easter themed (not really) episode, you can discover:

    Polybius Dreams Die Kitty Die Moses Militia The Sword Prison Ship Antares A Home for Mister Easter Bee Vixens From Mars Evil Ernie: Godeater Shaolin Cowboy: Who'll Stop the Reign World Reader Plastic Savage Highway

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie Julia's Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg

  88. Thumb 1490559719 artwork

    FTLI #22- Future Quest, Brave Chef Brianna, American Gods

    Drew and Julia are at it again with some killer titles such as:

    Blankets Too Good to be True Primahood: Magenta Brave Chef Brianna Decelerate Blue Coady and the Creepies Future Quest Grave Lillies Jughead: The Hunger Henchgirl Karma Police Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie Julia's Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg

  89. Thumb 1489937079 artwork

    FTLI #21- Alter-Life, Cody Andrew Sousa, President Evil

    When Julia is away Drew will play, but with a more condensed episode! He isn't alone for long as Cody Andrew Sousa (Twitter: @WhyImCAS) comes on for a chat. Listen in to discover:

    Alter-Life Croak (Twitter: @CROAKcomic) Sonitus (Twitter: @SonitusCOMIC) President Evil Powerless Invisible Hands The Black Flame

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd

  90. Thumb 1489331837 artwork

    FTLI #20- Croak, Extremity, Love is Love

    Join Drew and new co-host Julia 's adventure into indie comics! Short disclaimer, had a few weird audio things happening, but they're pretty small. Listen in to discover:

    Snotgirl Monstress Extremity Love is Love Croak All Time Comics: Crime Destroyer Eldritch Siberia 56 American Gods: Shadows Cadmus Coady and the Creepies

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie Drew's Instagram: @justdrewvg Julia's Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd

  91. Thumb 1487522188 artwork

    FTLI #19- Fey Winds, Patience, Twin Peaks

    This may not be the biggest episode, but it is MIGHTY! Listen in to discover:

    Fey Winds: Book One The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel Ant Colony Patience Dream Crasher Dogwitch Malefic The Secret History of Twin Peaks Belfry Sun Bakery Foggy Notions Heathen Shitty Watchmen

    Notes: Email: Twitter: @justdrewvg

  92. Thumb 1486338755 artwork

    FTLI #18- Sink, Wuvabke Oaf, Tomie

    What a day for a podcast (whenever you're listening to this). No guests this week, but some dang fine reads to discover! Listen in to hear about:

    Sink Kickstarter Tales From the Suicide Forest Tomie Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life Wuvable Oaf: Blood & Metal Mortal Kombat: Goro, Prince of Pain All New Fathom Death Be Damned Infinite Seven Fissure

    Notes: Email: Host Twitter: @justdrewvg

  93. Thumb 1485123070 artwork

    FTLI #17- Josh Bayer, Cowboys & Insects, Nighttrap

    The show has returned (sorry) to bring you some of the finest titles in indie comics culture. Listen in to discover:

    Trespasser Cowboys and Insects Nighttrap Fight Terminarch Josh Bayer Theth All Time Comics Dregs Loose Ends Dante Ladycastle almost Mortal Kombat

    Notes: Host Twitter: @JustDrewVG Email:

  94. Thumb 1479259598 artwork

    FTLI #16- Quilte, Tetris, Summerland

    You know the drill! Listen in to hear about:

    Night Wasp Summerland Quilte Sink Vulture City Stories We Choose Our Friends Alone Tetris Ether Red Dog Slam A Cosplayer's Christmas

    Show Notes: Twitter: @justdrewvg Email:

  95. Thumb 1477856709 artwork

    FTLI #15- Sink, Head Lopper, Not Drunk Enough

    A not so spooky episode 15 is out and features:

    Not Drunk Enough vol. 1 Anarchy Dreamers vol. 1 Sink Bird Boy Andrew Jackson in Space Mutant Punks **** Off Head Lopper G.I. Joe and the Transformers CBLDF Liberty Annual 2016 Motor Girl Mulligan Motro

    Show Notes: Host Twitter: @justdrewvg Email:

  96. Thumb 1476638554 artwork

    FTLI #14- Herbert Crowley, Girrion, Oglaf

    Listerners, in this episode, we are alone. Join me on this journey and discover:

    Temple of Silence: Forgotten World of Herbert Crowley Girrion That's Because You're a Robot Fauna Fairest Oglaf Josie & the Pussycats Archie Meets Ramones Spell On Wheels Die Kitty Die Love & Rockets Lord of Gore

    Show Notes: Host Twitter: @JustDrewVG Email:

  97. Thumb 1475415832 artwork

    FTLI #13- Blades & Lazers, Luke Howard, TADPOG

    This may very well be the finest episode of this show yet. We've got:

    A Minyan Yidn (Kickstarter) Death Knight Blades & Lazers A Chat w/Luke Howard Talk Dirty to Me Our Mother Bucky O'Hare Tyler & Dave Play Old Games Bucky O'Hare...Fanfiction? Archie Meets the Ramones Black Girrion Indie Comics #2

    Notes & Links: Email: Host Twitter: @justdrewvg Guest Twitter: @andsoluke (Luke Howard) Guest Twitter: @TADPOG_Podcast

  98. Thumb 1474254703 artwork

    FTLI #12.5- SPX w/Dave Baker & Nicole Goux

    I was at SPX this past weekend and Dave and Nicole join me to discuss how great it is. It's silly and impromptu but there is some fun comic and convention talk! After you're done listening head to to pick up some of their titles.

    Host Twitter: @justdrewvg Dave's Twitter & Instagram: @xDaveBakerx Nicole's Instagram: ngoux

  99. Thumb 1473639432 artwork

    FTLI #12- Once Our Land, Adventure Zine, Emily Ree

    I'm back with more content then ever! Listen in to find:

    FlameCon 2 Queer Guide to Sailor Moon The Adventure Zine The Adventure Zone Death Saves Daybreak Generation Zero Survivor's Club Funrama Once Our Land Stand Still, Stay Silent A Chat w/Emily Ree Anarchy Dreamers Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Sirens of Scream ep. 8

    Show notes & links: Host Twitter: @justdrewvg Guest Twitter: @ree_emily

  100. Thumb 1469754760 artwork

    A Quick Announcement

    I'm going on a tiny break. Here are a few words and tidbits of info for you in the mean time!

    Notes: Host Twitter: @JustDrewVG

  101. Thumb 1468803722 artwork

    FTLI #11- Geis, Andre the Giant, FlameCon

    Another episode another batch of comics (and more) to discuss! Not to mention I'm joined by Kevin Gilligan of Geeks Out later in the episode! In this hearty episode 11 I discuss:

    Decryption Rita Satan's ******* Baby 2 Interceptor TerraQuill Abelard Geis FlameCon 2 Geeks Out Andre the Giant Comic releases for July 20th

    Notes: Host Twitter: @justdrewvg Guest Twitter: @Gilligan_McJew

  102. Thumb 1467640439 artwork

    FTLI #10- Wild Blue Yonder, Magdalene Visaggio, Power Rangers

    I hope you like tons of comic talk, because that's what you're getting. You want content, I've got it. This episode is all about:

    The Super Wizard Returns I Shall Destroy All Civilized Planets Renato Jones: The 1% Life, Death, and Sorcery Talk Dirty to Me Modern Testament Wild Blue Yonder Kim & Kim with special guest Magdalene Visaggio Power Rangers Pink Electric City Comic Con and the comic releases for June 6th

    Show Notes: Host Twitter: @justdrewvg Guest Twitter: @magsvisaggs

  103. Thumb 1466349935 artwork

    FTLI #9- Hinges, Emily Ree, Mars Attacks

    Oh boy! Episode 9! Listen in to discover all kinds of stuff, including:

    Primahood: Magenta Green Leader Die Kitty Die Trinadot Stela Tribes Hinges Heart In A Box A Chat w/Emily Ree of Anarchy Dreamers Mars Attacks

    Check out the show notes with links to artist profiles and where to get most of these books at!

    Host Twitter: @justdrewvg Guest Twitter: @ree_emily

  104. Thumb 1465745668 artwork

    FTLI #8- Bad Island, Nurse Nurse, Thundercats

    Alright so this episode is a little late, but the comics are still up and the Kickstarters are still running. A few audio issues at the beginning but they quickly pass. This episode I'm joined by Kristen of the ComicsNStuffs podcast and we go into:

    After The Gold Rush #2 Victorian Bareknuckle League Lady Mechanika vol. 1 Welcome Back #8 Fantasy Sports #1 We3 Legend Nurse Nurse Xena #2 Bad Island Thundercats #1

    Notes: Host Twitter: @justdrewvg Guest Twitter: @suziegonnerdy

  105. Thumb 1464544410 artwork

    FTLI #7- Death Follows, Chum, Scooby Apocalypse

    Another week another For The Love of Indie. Lots of great independent titles to talk about (and 1 not so independent). Oh look, timestamps:

    2m18s Raised on Ritalin 5m16s The Lonesomes 7m 18s Chum 11m5s Hollow in the Hollows 14m24s Crystal Cadets 18m15s Theth 22m37s Death Follows 32m28s Scooby Apocalypse 35m59s Impisha 37m30s Sirens of Scream 38m24s New Comic Releases

    Host Twitter: @justdrewvg Show Notes (may not be up till Tuesday):

  106. Thumb 1463931310 artwork

    FTLI #6- Katy Rex, Heck, Mother Russia

    Ahhhhhhh, another FTLI another list of books to discuss! This time around we have:

    Valiant's new solicitations Kickstarter Alert: Hollow Mountain Love: The Lion Run Boys Run Mother Russia Heck A Chat w/Katy Rex Nostalgia Corner: Future Quest Comic Releases for 5/25/16

    Host Twitter: @justdrewvg Guest Twitter: @thekatyrex Show Notes:

  107. Thumb 1463318331 artwork

    FTLI #5- The King, Ed Luce, Barbarella

    In this episode I talk about tons of stuff! Including:

    Darwyn Cooke Civil War She Changed Comics Space Battle Lunchtime #1 Mean Girls Club The King An Interview w/Ed Luce Barbarella: The Moon Child and so much more!

    Notes: Host Twitter: @justdrewvg Guest Twitter: @wuvableoaf

  108. Thumb 1462727389 artwork

    FTLI #4- Cursed Pirate Girl, Silent Hill, Legend

    In this episode: Black Suit of Death, Cursed Pirate Girl, Silent Hill, Legend, Star Trucker, The Hunter, & more! Notes at

    Host Twitter: JustDrewVG

  109. Thumb 1462142918 artwork

    FTLI #3- And Then Emily Was Gone, Chester 5000, Fourth Planet

    See what Black Mask Comics has in store for us. Feel the love between a machine and a woman with Jess Fink's Chester 5000: Isabelle & George. Meet the species of the Fourth Planet. Solve the monstrous disappearance of a young girl in And Then Emily Was Gone. Tackle primordial beasts with Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot. Notes:

    Host Twitter: @justdrewvg

  110. Thumb 1461511515 artwork

    FTLI #2- Tomboy, Agent 1.22, Elaine M. Will

    Who wears the Black Suit of Death? What is the mysterious Agent 1.22? Who is the violent vigilante in Tomboy (art/story by Mia Goodwin)? How can comics bring awareness to depression (w/Elaine M. Will)? How did the Star Wars begin? Notes:

    Host Twitter: @JustDrewVG Guest Twitter: @ElaineMWill

  111. Thumb 1460895421 artwork

    FTLI #1- Wuvable Oaf, Bloodshot Reborn, Melody Often

    Discover a new type of crime in Eloquent Silence! Delve into the bevy of talent in the Bloodshot Reborn Annual! Meet the gentle giant, Ed Luce's Wuvable Oaf! Chaos hits Riverdale when the TMNT meets Archie! Chat with Melody Often of Trinadot fame and JT Wilkins! Show notes and link are available at

    Host Twitter: @justdrewvg Guest Twitter: @melodyoften Guest Twitter: @jtwblack

  112. Thumb 1460754135 artwork

    FTLI #0- Hello Again

    Who Is This? What's going on? What's For The Love of Indie?!

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